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Friday, July 31, 2020

OSYGOD: Sunday Inalegwu, a fast rising and versatile Nolly...

OSYGOD: Sunday Inalegwu, a fast rising and versatile Nolly...: Sunday Inalegwu, a fast rising and versatile Nollywood actor has advised fellow up and coming actors and actresses to always be ready to fac...

Thursday, July 4, 2019


Please Read Carefully!!!!!
1. BREATHTAKING TRAININGS: In the military, once you're marked for recruitment, you go through several screenings marked by severe trainings. Nobody recruits or gives you uniform or a gun until you prove fit and capable both intellectually and physically. You must drop the civilian mindset and carry the military attitude. How much pain can you take? If you don't succeed in these trainings you can't become a military man.
In church however, when someone gives his life to Christ, we shout Hallelujah and let him go. We forget that at that moment he's signed up for war and needs to be equipped. He needs the shield of faith and the sword of the word to fight but he has none because we gave him none. Many new believers don't know where to read in the Bible let alone understanding it or even knowing how to pray. Satan, knowing that he's ignorant begins to buffet and entice him with his former sins.
Unlike the military man who stays in camp with other cadets, the young believer is thrown right back to the ocean of worldliness and left alone without help. No wonder, many new believers never grow from infancy. Many of our new believers eventually go back to their sins though still coming to church. It is better not to win souls than win them and never disciple them
2. UNIFORM: a military man never jokes with his uniform. He's told that once he becomes a military man, he's no longer a civilian and should not mingle with civilian affairs. The scripture emphasize this, "No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer." (2 Timothy 2:4)
In the Church however, only very few churches and believers have uniforms that differentiate them from civilians (unbelievers). The dressing, attitude, dreams and mindset of the modern day believer, the choir or usher or prayer leader in church isn't different from that of the pop star. Same dressing, same haircut or hairdo, same make-up, same way of thinking. There seems to be no difference between the Christian soldier and the unbeliever (civilian)
3. OBEY THE LAST ORDER: the military trusts the boss with his life, that's why you don't argue with your commanding officer; whatever he tells you, you do. This brings decorum in the army.
The church however is filled with arrogant and rebellious soldiers. When the pastor speaks you see some people whispering to their friends "he doesn't know what he's saying." When the youth leader says "let's come and pray on Friday" someone would quickly raise his hand and say "I have to visit my uncle on that day, I can't make it." If you do that in the army, you're a piece of cake. There are too many people who know too much in church and that causes confusion
4. SAVE YOUR COMRADE: when a soldier is hit by a bullet, someone else quickly covers his position while another does everything to salvage his life. If it takes carrying the wounded on the shoulder and run in the midst of flying bullets, he does it without hesitation. You don't leave a wounded soldier in battle; every man fights and dies for each other
Let's come to the Christ soldiers, when a brethren falls into sin, for example, a brother is arrested for rape or fraud, he's wounded but instead of quickly rallying around him, covering his wounds, and fighting for him through prayer and fasting, we are the first to shout "let him bear the consequence of his sin. He's a hypocrite" and so on. Even in the kingdom of darkness, they fight for each other but in our kingdom, we stab each other's back. It is in Christendom that you see a pastor criticising another in public. Every man is fighting for himself and not for others. We need to change
5. LIFE-CONTRACT: when you sign up in the military, it means you've agreed to give up your life for the course. It's as simple as that. The military man always have it in mind that every battle might be his last. He's not afraid to die because he knows that's what he signed for
In the Christian army, many are not even aware that signing up for Christ is agreeing to fight and die for him. Paul mentioned this when he said what shall separate us from the love of Christ? He mentioned terrible things such as tribulation, famine and death, knowing that all these things are part of the package. Christianity is a war against the host of darkness, not a picnic or holiday
Today, many preachers tell their congregation that there is no war any more because Jesus had fought and won on the wars. Whereas Paul said, "the weapon of our warfare are not canal but mighty to the pulling down of stronghold." He also said, "for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers." The Christ soldier must be ready to give his life and everything he has for the course of the gospel. Many people never takes church or prayer seriously because they are not aware that we're at war
If the military could keep
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Sunday, May 26, 2019


Every open heaven in scriptures is traceable to definite instructions from God.
God does not need anything from us; our obedience is totally for our benefits.
Whatever God tells you to do, do it.
You will not wander away from God’s plan for your life in the name of Jesus!
You are the next in line to be decorated in the name of Jesus!
Your struggles are finally over in the name of Jesus!
You are the next to share your testimonies in the name of Jesus!
As you advertise Jesus, He will advertise you in all areas of your life in the name of Jesus!
You will never beg nor borrow in the name of Jesus!
Ups and downs end finally in your life in the name of Jesus!
The light of God that has given this Commission financial rest gives you rest in all areas of your life in the name of Jesus!

Research Guide Blog for Final Year Students in Nigeria: Creating Wealth Through Your Research Work

Research Guide Blog for Final Year Students in Nigeria: Creating Wealth Through Your Research Work: Writing a research project is not an easy venture, hence it should be rewarding right? People always argue that Nigeria is not a country whe...

Saturday, May 25, 2019

How To Access The Dark Web |

How To Access The Dark Web:
Do you want to enter into the world of darkness ? THE DARK WEB Then make sure you are protected and safe by using VPN to remain anonymous ( hidded) online. If you are not connected with a very good VPN, then you may land in trouble even if you are using TOR browser. To access dark web all you have to do is set up your VPN on the device you want to use and connect along with the TOR Browser. It is advisable to access the Dark Web using VPN+TOR. Cause it can guarantee you 100% annonimity
Why access dark Web
The Dark Web is a place where you can find lots of hidden information that is unreachable or unknown to the normal search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. The normal search engines cannot show (index) the Dark Web Sites and its Links. So, it is not possible for normal people to reach unless you are a member of the Dark/Deep Web.
What you should never do while you access the Dark Web
Do not change the TOR browser’s window size.
Do not access the dark web unless you Turn OFF Javascript.
Do not work in front of the Webcam. Disconnect the webcam immediately. Cause someone can track you with it
Also, disconnect your microphone.
Do not use your original details like name, email, photos, videos, and passwords on the dark web. It is more dangerous and it is easy for you to be breached.
What you should never do on TOR Browser
Use Tor browser and don’t torrent over Tor.
Don’t turn on or install browser plugins.
Do not use websites that do not have HTTPS version of it.
Don’t open documents downloaded through Tor while online
How To Access Dark Web
To access the dark web, you need a special browser called “TOR”. You cannot access dark web with a normal browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. This is because no browser supports .onion sites and its links. Only TOR browser supports .onion sites.
Then Go to website.
And tap the “Download TOR” button.
A new window will pop-up. Now, download TOR browser bundle.
After downloading TOR browser on your device
Go and get a very good VPN and use it all the time, no matter if you are using a TOR on your device. Do not think that because you are using a TOR browser that you are 100% protected and safe online. It is not true. The fact is that ISP ( Internet Service Providers) and other law enforcement agencies are able to track you from where you access the dark web even if you are using a Tor browser.
So always use a VPN and remain safe
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Monday, April 29, 2019

Sunday Inalegwu, a fast rising and versatile Nollywood actor has advised fellow up and coming actors and actresses to always be ready to face their challenges with zeal and focus as according to him acting is and movie making process requires a lot and should therefore be handled with patience. | OSYGOD

Sunday Inalegwu, a fast rising and versatile Nollywood actor has advised fellow up and coming actors and actresses to always be ready to face their challenges with zeal and focus as according to him acting is and movie making process requires a lot and should therefore be handled with patience.
The actor also went further saying that he has the ability to play any role given to him no matter how challenging it might be.
The Benue born actor also said that acting has always been in his blood from his childhood days and also thanked God for giving him the opportunity to join the Comic book series. Comedy web series produced by Heartipetic Movies in Collaboration with VUPs (Vincent Ucheibe Production) movie Company.
He is currently many movie directors toast.
Greetings, who do we have at SkillHub this time ?
My name is Sunday Inalegwu. I am an actor, comedian, script writer and I hail from Benue state.
When did you venture into acting?
Call Him For Movie Roles on: 09034946183
Sunday Inalegwu on set
I started acting when I was a kid. I Have passion for acting, I participated a lot in school drama even in church I also acted. Acting is in me.
How does your family view your profession as an actor?
As for my family the only one who supported me is my mum as for my dad it was difficult for me to convince him but now they have all thrown their weights behind me because they know it’s my talent and that they obviously cannot stop me. They have given me their full supports.
On your first day to real movie set how did you feel?
My first day on set I was a bit shy because on location you will see many actors ,actress – you know cast and crew. But after intensive training and retraining I regained balance.
Your ability to play graphic scenes is also among the factors that necessitated this interview. So how do you feel when you play graphic scenes like going naked in a movie?
As an actor you are suppose to know how to play any role giving to you. As for me I see graphics scenes as nothing because there is nothing bad in it. If it is part of my script lines I will give in my best to interpret it I hate faking things. I can act any role giving to me. So producers take note.
Some people criticize Nigerian films what can you tell them?
Well that is the more reason for making things real in movies. I think Nigerian movies are now becoming more real. Those that are criticizing Nigeria film they should stop. Nollywood film makers are trying, I respect them. It is not easy. They should stop criticizing them rather help to promote our industry. Do you know that even the whites love Our movies and they enjoy it so much.
How difficult is movie making process?
Hmm – well movie making in Nigeria is not that easy it is financially and technically demanding. Even thee actors and actresses stress a lot to tell the story. But my happiness now is that we are doing things more like in real life. And these changes are making us go far now. See as an actor or actress tell your story in real form avoid whatever people maybe saying. Majority of our viewers are also getting more enlightened because they are watching other foreign movies. What is wrong if we do it like the whites?
Who is your role model?
My role model is Zubby Michael and Sylvester Madu
Where do you want to be in the next three years?
Hmm, I want to be abroad. I want to fly out of the country.
How do you see your role in Comic book series, we learnt you have joined the series?
Yes I have joined the series. It was cool and I thank God for everything. I like the role given to me. We just finished shooting the latest chapters of the comic books. We shot like twelve additional chapters. So fans expect much this time around. I was not in the first six chapters released last year. But I thank God for signing the latest contract for the current chapters. It is really an intelligent creation.
Your advice to fellow actors trying to come out?
My advice to upcoming actor is that they should have the zeal and focus. They should also respect the film makers so as to go far. Acting a times is a herculean task, it’s not easy. There are lots of challenges you will face and you need to overcome them. All what you need is to be focus and have the zeal. Again get a coach.