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Monday, April 1, 2019


1 they can never love one guy.
2 they are talented in cheating.
3 they are talented in lying.
4 they talk softly while requesting something's from guys.
5 they are heart breakers.
6 they are wicked and heartless.
7 they love you before sex, when you do it they hate you.
8 they fear pregnancy, but hate protected sex.
9 are specialists in confusing guys.
10 80% of girls are broke and sex addicts.
11 96% of girls don't want love but money.
12 playing and dumping guys is their hobby.
13 they want money not love.
14 many of them are jobless.
15 A lot of them are pretenders.
16 girls don't believe in relationship without sex.
17 80% of them want sex, no sex no dating.
18 they have boyfriends, on Facebook, twitter, instagram, badoo and whatsapp groups but still they'll keep accepting proposal.
19 they love having sex throughout their life.
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